iOS Developers See 5X More Revenue Than Android Developers

iOS Developers See 5X More Revenue Than Android Developers

iOS developers have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. While Android has a significantly larger installed user base, iOS continues to hold a massive lead in monetization, with a five-time-greater return on investment for developers.



For every $1.00 in app download revenue earned by iOS developers, their Android counterparts earn just $0.19, according to data compiled by Business Insider. The gap for up-front and in-app purchases is slightly narrower, with Android bringing in $0.43 for every $1.00 on iOS, while advertising revenue is the closest at $0.77 on the dollar.

The data was gathered from several sources, including app analytics firms such as Flurry and App Annie.

Last month, a report from Facebook advertising firm Nanigans said that ads on Apple’s platform posted returns nearly 1,800% higher than the same ad running on Android. Advertisers on Android actually netted a negative return on their investment, with a 10% loss.

Apple customers use their devices more, and are also willing to pay more for apps, as Flurry Analytics notes that While iPhone users are spending an average of 19 cents per app, Android users spend just 6 cents per downloaded app.

Apple also dominates in other digital entertainment areas, taking 67% of digital television purchases, 65% of digital movie sales, and 63% of the digital music market.