Kickstarter of the Week: EL CHARGER – The World’s Coolest Car Charger

Kickstarter of the Week: EL CHARGER – The World’s Coolest Car Charger

When I first saw this week’s Kickstarter of the Week, my only though was that the EL Charger’s flashing lights would look cool in my Kia Soul alongside my in-door speakers with their flashing lights. Then I read more about it, and discovered that in addition to being cool, the cable’s flashing lights on the EL Charger actually serve a purpose.

From the EL Charger Kickstarter page:

Once the EL Charger is plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter, the internal buck circuit will convert the car’s 12V/24V output to 5V first, and the build-in microprocessor will check the circuit status of whether the EL Charger is in normal working state. It will light up the EL wires to let users know the charger is ready to use. 


“When a device is connected to the EL Charger, the microprocessor will monitor the output current and control the light flow speed. The higher the charging current, the faster the light flow will be.”

“If the device is fully charged or the charging current is less than 250mA, the microprocessor will turn off the EL wires to inform users that the charging process is complete. Hence it provides a signal understood from far away and merely looking over can provide the user with more information than ever before.”

Pretty cool, huh?


Product Specifications

Input: 12V~36V (you can use it in both cars and big vehicles)

Output: 5V 2.1A (support iPhones, iPads, iPods, Androids, Windows and Blackberry phones and tablets etc, almost all the mobile devices in the market)

Connector: Apple 30-pin connector, Apple lightning, or Micro-USB

Weight: 50g

Power cord length: 1.2m

Body Colour: Black or White

Light color of the cable: Only blue at the moment (we will try other colors for our stretch goal) (Come on red! – Ed.)


So, in addition to being a cool accessory for your in car charging needs, the lights actually serve a purpose. I am really looking forward to trying one of these out.


If this project interests you, be sure to visit the EL Charger kickstarter site and take a look at the project.

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