Kickstarter of the Week: MEMI: Wearable Technology Made by Women for Women

Kickstarter of the Week: MEMI: Wearable Technology Made by Women for Women

The current breed of smartwatches may be appealing for men, after all, we’re willing to put up with chunky wearable technology if it means we’re on the cutting edge of technology. But what about the ladies? Why can’t the companies that make wearable tech come up with something that will notify a user about important phone calls, text messages & calendar alerts, but still look stylish? Enter MEMI.

From the MEMI Kickstarter Site

How many times have you missed a call because you don’t have a convenient place to store your phone? MEMI (pronounced MEM-ee) set out to solve this problem by creating a chic iPhone-compatible smartbracelet that discretely vibrates when you receive an important phone call, text message or calendar alert. The best part is you can customize the people – like your boss, babysitter, parents, or significant other – who “break through” to your bracelet via an app so that you can put your phone away without worrying you’re going to miss something important.

MEMI allows you to put your phone away and still be sure you’re going to receive a notification for important alerts. No need to leave your phone out on the table during dinner or important meetings.


What does MEMI do?

MEMI will notify you of the following:

  • All incoming calls or incoming calls from select people
  • All text messages or text messages from select people
  • Reminders for calendar events

How does MEMI work?

MEMI uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your iPhone. The MEMI app allows you to customize which of your contacts can as MEMI calls it, “break through” to your bracelet.  For example, your bracelet can vibrate for all calls or for select callers that are important to you – like your boss, babysitter, parents, or significant other.  In addition, you can set notifications for calendar events so your MEMI can let you know when to wrap up a meeting or when to head to the next one.  You can easily change your settings at any time.

Additional features:

  • Three distinct vibrations – a different vibration is assigned for calls, texts, and calendar alerts
  • Discrete side button – a small button to turn your MEMI on and off.  Additionally, to confirm your MEMI is on and connected to your phone, simply press and release the button; MEMI’s LED will light up.
  • LED light – a tiny light located next to the button to indicate when you turn your MEMI on and off, when you go in and out of range, and when it is charging
  • Double tap motion sensing– to quickly stop vibrations from an incoming call, simply tap MEMI twice; MEMI’s LED will light up
  • Hidden Micro-USB port – a micro USB port hidden within the clasp for charging and software updates
  • Long battery life – your MEMI will hold a charge for five days, on average, depending on how many calls and texts you receive each day
  • Compatibility – iPhone 4S and up (MEMI is not compatible with Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, or Palm phones at this time.)

The MEMI seen on the Kickstarter is a prototype made of polished aluminum with white plastic “breaks” and a matching white plastic interior.


When production begins, the MEMI Classic bracelet will be made of rhodium-plated metal and will have the same white plastic “breaks” and a white plastic interior as the prototype you see here – unless, you choose to customize the interior plastic (the pledge options below can give you an idea of how you can customize your MEMI).

MEMI_colors_and Pledge_levels

MEMI says they have even more ideas to make their bracelet even more special and unique.  You can find out more at where you can participate in selecting the designs they’ll produce as part of the very first MEMI collection.

If this project interests you, be sure to visit the MEMI Kickstarter site and take a look at the project.

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