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Apple Device Activations Leapt 2.3 Times on Christmas Day, But The Kindle Was The Big Winner

Apple Device Activations Leapt 2.3 Times on Christmas Day, But The Kindle Was The Big Winner

Apple saw a nice bump in activations for their iOS devices on Christmas Day, seeing a 2.3X increase. However, Amazon’s lower priced Kindle saw the biggest jump for the day, a 24-fold leap in new device activations for that single day!



The figures were published on Friday by mobile analytics firm Flurry, which showed that Amazon once again saw the biggest gains by far on Christmas Day. The figures suggest that Amazon’s Kindle products are exceptionally popular Christmas gifts, allowing the number of activations to surge from their normal levels on a single holiday.

Activations for tablets and other mobile devices are not growing as much as they have in the past, as Amazon’s activations increased by a factor of 24, compared to Christmas Day 2011, which saw activations for the device grow at a factor of 40.

Apple edged rival Samsung for Christmas Day activations with a 2.3 times increase, compared to the Korean firm’s rate of 1.9 times. Both trailed Acer, who saw a fivefold increase after the presents were all opened.

Flurry notes that overall activation bumps may be down for everyone due to the ubiquity of mobile devices.

“With more people having smartphones and tablets, there are fewer new users to give them to, and giving to existing users is more challenging since existing users are already tied into carrier contract renewal cycles, app ecosystems, etc.” Flurry’s Mary Ellen Gordon wrote.

Flurry also noted that Wi-Fi only tablets continue to be the most gifted when it comes to tablet gifts during the holiday season, most likely as they are the least expensive option, and also work right out of the box without the need for a carrier contract.

  1. lrd555 says:

    Mmmmm… this sounds like the typical % misleading article that I love to debunk. Let me explain, if typically only 2 Kindles per day are activated and then 48 on XMAS then they’ve activated 24X their typical daily average. Sounds impressive, huh?

    Now if Apple activates 200,000 iPads per day and then 450,000 XMAS day, then they’ve activated “only” 2.5X their typically amount.

    So Amazon activated 46 more than typical; but Apple activated 250,000 more than typical. Now, who really did great?

    1. Ry Guy says:

      Exactly. Came here to say this.

  2. lrd555 says:

    BTW, the next misleading thing that will happen is that they’ll lump Kindle activations with Android tablet activations so that their numbers don’t seem so anemic. This misleading stat will be used to prove that Apple’s “losing” the tablet war.

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