Average Business Users Spend 20 Minutes Per Day Texting [Infographic]

Average Business Users Spend 20 Minutes Per Day Texting [Infographic]

Mophie, the company that helps you use your power-hungry mobile devices all day long with their various charging devices, has released an infographic that shows how business users actually use their phones during their busy days.


Considering how glued we are to our phones while on the move, we use up a hefty amount of data. This infographic by Mophie examines exactly how — and how much — data we use while we’re traveling.

Some high-points from the infographic: The average business user checks his phone around 34 times per day, 59% say they’d feel lonely without their smartphone, and 82.6% of leisure travelers say they use their smartphones “all the time” while on vacation.

See how Mophie’s data compares with your smartphone usage, and let us know in the comments section below…



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