Indiegogo of the Week: iVoizer: The Smart and Easy Phone Call Recorder

Indiegogo of the Week: iVoizer: The Smart and Easy Phone Call Recorder

If you’ve ever needed to record a phone conversation on your mobile phone, you’ve probably found that it’s not as easy to pull of as you’d think. Now, a new Indiegogo project offers a fairly simple solution.

From the iVoizer Indiegogo project page:

iVoizer is a small device that you can use to record all of your cellphone conversations.

It is compatible with any mobile phone that uses a CTIA connector, like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and more!


The coolest part of this compact device is that there isn’t any need for an app, as the iVoizer run standalone, and saves the conversations you record in its internal memory.

Tech Specs for the iVoizer:

  • Memory: 2/4/8/16Gb
  • Recording quality: stereo 128 kb/s
  • Recording format: mp3
  • Record time: 2Gb can store 33 hours of recordings (16Gb – 266 hours)
  • Compatibility: any android and ios device, and other smartphones and tablets

The process is simple:

Connect the iVoizer:


Record the Conversation:


Share the Conversation:


Pledges for the iVoizer run from a low of $1 – A thank you and a promise to keep you in the loop as the project moves forward – up to $500 – You will get a Limited Edition iVoizer with your own custom design and your name engraved on it, 16GB of memory compatible with iOS, Android devices and cable for connection to the phone or tablet. Most folks will probably be interested in the $39 – $49 levels, which gets you a 2GB iVoizer. Higher memory configurations are also available.

If the iVoizer looks like a gadget you’d be interested in, be sure to visit the iVoizer website.

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