New Mac Pro Appears Again in Geekbench Benchmarks

New Mac Pro Appears Again in Geekbench Benchmarks

As the expected release of the new Mac Pro nears, three new sets of benchmarks have appeared online via Geekbench 3. In related news, the Apple business team is now providing price quotes for the multi-core speed demon.



Three sets of Geekbench results have been posted, two run in 32-bit mode and a third in 64-bit mode. Averages for the two 32-bit runs (12) yield scores of 2909 for single-core testing and 29721 for multi-core testing, fairly close to Poole’s predictions based on results from Windows machines running the same chip.

While the single-core scores for the new Mac Pro come in lower than seen with other new Mac Pro models as it carries a lower maximum clock speed on its 12-core chip, it shows a nice boost in multi-core performance due to its 12-cores vs. the 8-core processor. The new 12-core Mac Pro compares QUITE favorably to the 12-core Mid-2012 Mac Pro, and high-end models of the current iMac and iMac and Retina MacBook Pro models.


The Geekbench results for the machine uses the 64-bit version of the testing suite, which yields scores 10-11% better than their 32-bit counterparts.

This latest 12-core Mac Pro is running a custom 13A4023 build of OS X Mavericks, the same build as seen on previous new Mac Pro benchmarks.

Apple has announce it will be launching the new Mac Pro this month, but has not as yet announced a specific date. A price quote allegedly provided by Apple’s business team to a customer shows a maxed out 12-core CPU, with 64GB of RAM, 1TB of internal flash storage, and dual AMD FirePro D700 graphics chips could pricing somewhere around $10,000. (That is business pricing, pricing for the general public may be slightly higher.)