Review: Clutch – a Stand, Case, Gear Storage, and More for Your iPad!

Review: Clutch – a Stand, Case, Gear Storage, and More for Your iPad!

When Apple introduced the first generation iPad, along with it came the iPad case that allowed for both all around protection and a keyboard or video player stand.  Since then, hundreds of other third party accessory makers have taken to the market in an effort to offer multi-functional case/stand options for each iPad iteration since the original.  While most simply replicate what Apple offered back in 2010 (with subtle variations, obviously), Clutch for iPad is taking a new approach for a more versatile, unique, and comfortable iPad accessory.


Clutch for iPad ($59.95 on started out as a Kickstarter project.  After falling short of their funding, the outpouring of support from their fans and positive reviews from around the tech community helped them achieve a successful product launch just 10 months later.


Based around the concept of a being more ergonomic for holding and manipulating the iPad, the Clutch system, in essence, adds a handle to the back of our iPad, allowing for more comfortable, prolonged use.  Made of a solid rubber material, the Clutch case covers the entire back of the iPad and wraps just around the edges for great protection, while the hard plastic handle serves several functions.

On the back of the case, is a large circle in the middle. Connecting the Clutch “handle” to the center gives you a 360-degree rotating handle, which makes maneuvering the iPad comfortable. to any direction (left/right/up/down) of the center, a square port, used for turning the Clutch handle into a stand.

Clutch - evolution side view

The guys behind Clutch for iPad weren’t done there, though.  Not only did the provide a great handle and a stand for your iPad, but by removing the end caps of the handle, you get a small tube for storing headphones, power cable, or USB charging block.


Because of the size of the handle, the bulk of the case, and the iPad inside the case, included with Clutch is a carrying case for the works.  While this is great for traveling with just an iPad, I found it to be a bit of a nuisance, since I also take my laptop and charger with me.  The Clutch carrying case was too small for a computer, and the Handle is bulky enough that it didn’t fit into my messenger bag.

Verdict: [rating: 3.5]

The Clutch is definitely a unique product, unlike others on the market.  The comfort of using clutch as a handle is great.  In playing games, reading magazines, and surfing the web, it was great.  Add in the wide range of angles the Clutch offers as a stand, and it’s quite a promising product.  The additional storage is a great concept, and could certainly work for some.  The overall size of Clutch for iPad is it’s biggest downfall. Not only is the case rather bulky (adding roughly 50% more thickness to my iPad 3), but the handle is quite large, and does not collapse.  If you were using a backpack or large bag, I could see Clutch fitting in well, but for those carrying a briefcase or slimmer bag, the added bulk may be too much.


  • Versatile options for stand positioning
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle
  • Added storage inside of handle


  • Bulky case and large handle size
  • Generally uninspiring design

If you’re looking for a more comfortable way to hold your iPad, and aren’t worried about the size when traveling, the $59.95 for Clutch for iPad may be worth it.

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