Review: Music Radio Network for The iPhone

Review: Music Radio Network for The iPhone

It seems as if there is a constant “stream” of music steaming apps these days. Even in the face of Apple’s iTunes Radio juggernaut, many new music apps are still out there swinging. Enter, with its 30 channels of music curated by top DJs.


Overview bills itself as the world’s most innovative radio streaming network. Each channel on the service is dedicated to a different musical genre. The service says each track is hand-picked and mixed by world-famous DJs and playlisted by experts.

Music Channels include: * Smooth Jazz * Old School Jazz * Easy Listening * New Age * Chillout * Deep House * Melodic House * Soulful House * Electro House * Funky & Disco House * Progressive House * Vocal House * Vocal Deep House * Club House * Big Room House * Tech House * Vocal Trance * Uplifting Trance * Progressive Trance * Eurodance * Nu Disco * Future Synthpop * Industrial * Italo Disco * Dubstep * 90’s Rave * Techno * 90’s Dance * Romantic

Some may be disappointed that the app doesn’t feature more genres, and I’ll admit I was surprised not to see the typical country, and 60s and 70s retro channels you find on most music streaming networks. has an clean, intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate the genres in order to find the music you’re in the mood to listen to, and then allows you to easily skip back and forth through the music queue.

As do most apps nowadays, the app includes social features that allow you to create a profile, and share and rate your favorite tracks. You can also share on Twitter and Facebook. This feature felt a bit unfinished for some reason.

The app also offers a unique screen to view while listening to your music, as an available screen displays the time/date/and current weather for the location you are currently in. While the app was able to find my location properly, it did seem to have trouble displaying the current temperature, displaying only the first digit of the temperature.

Also available is an alarm clock complete with a snooze function.

While the network is capable of streaming music in 320 kbps quality, regular (free) users are restricted to 96kbps. Users are able to set the streaming rate to lower the data usage if they’re listening via a cellular connection.


Regular users also are subjected to ads and voiceovers, and lack the ability to skip or repeat tracks.

Two subscription levels are available, FanMember and ProMember.

At the FanMember level, you’re still restricted to 96kbps on sound quality, but you gain the ability to listen to music non-stop with no ads or voiceovers. You also gain the ability to skip back and forward to the next track, and to repeat some tracks. Pricing for FanMember is: 1 Month – $1,99 or 6 Months – $9,99.

The ProMember level unlocks the whole enchilada. You get sound quality up to 320 kbps, non-stop music with no ads or voiceovers, and the ability to skip forward or back on the full play queue, and repeat tracks. ProMember pricing is: 1 Month – $4,99 or 6 Months – $24,99

You do get a free 30-day trial of ProMember level when you register.


While I was disappointed at the lack of some of the genres I usually enjoy on services such as, I did enjoy those the service made available. The interface of the app is clean and easy to use, with intuitive controls.

I would advise new users to download the app and sign up for the free service initially and see if the genres of music the service offers satisfactorily fits your musical tastes. If it does, a paid subscription could be well worth it.

Rating: 4/5[rating:4.0]

Price: FREE – With paid subscriptions available in the app. The app is available in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]


  • Clean, easy to use interface.
  • The Alarm and snooze functions are a nice addition.
  • The sound of the stations, even at the lower 96 kbps stream was clean and sounded great.


  • The selection of genres is rather limited when compared with other streaming services.
  • The temperature display quirk.
  • The social aspects of the app could use some work.


*The above review was commissioned by the developer in accordance with our app review policy, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion.

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