How to Save a Water-Damaged iPhone

How to Save a Water-Damaged iPhone

We all know that electronics and water do not mix. It’s a well-established fact. Unfortunately, many of us lay our pragmatism aside and nevertheless take our iPhones to swimming pools or beaches, lay them on the side of the bath tub or shower, carry them in the rain instead of pocketing them, or use them while on the toilet.

iPhone Waterproof

Given that so many people commonly use their smartphones, tablets, and other devices near water (the mortal enemy of ALL electronics), it’s not surprising that water damage is one of the single BIGGEST ways that people damage their devices. Life happens, however – and it’s not unlikely that any one of us could wind up with a water-logged iPhone. So, what can you do?

Fortunately, all is not lost. We’ve prepared several tips for what you can do to save your iPhone (or at least prevent the worst of the damage) if your own device encounters a watery fate.


This is extremely important. If you do not turn off your device after it falls in water, you greatly increase the risk of a short circuit or even worse long-term damage. Turning off your device immediately is a great way to prevent the situation from getting even worse than it already is.

Place Your Device in a Container of Rice

Rice is one of nature’s most absorbent materials – and it also happens to be  available in almost any well-equipped pantry or kitchen cupboard. Wrapping your device in cloth before immersing it in dry rice is preferable to avoid getting rice grains in your headphone jack or other ports. Leave your device in the rice for at least 24 hours before attempting to turn it back on.

Backup Plan 1 – When All Else Fails, Call Apple or a Service Provider

Many people purchase an AppleCare warranty when they first purchase their iPhone or iPad. Fortunately, this allows you to get your device replaced for $79 if you drop it, drown it, or otherwise damage it. As long as you can product the broken device, you’re all set. Even if you do NOT have an extended AppleCare warranty, a kind-hearted genius may still take mercy on you. Sometimes Apple will also offer you a deal on your repair.

If you don’t live near an Apple Store, most Apple Authorized Retailers also offer iPhone repair services at various prices, depending on the extend of the damage. Here in Utah, one of my very favorite Apple authorized repair providers is Simply Mac.

Backup Plan 2 – Repair it Yourself, or Send it In!

If you don’t fancy going to an Apple Store or AASP, or if your device is out of warranty, you may want to try to repair your damaged iPhone or iPad yourself. While we don’t recommend this for most users (repeat: do this at your own risk), it can be a much cheaper option than paying someone else to do a repair.

For more info on trying this, check out my favorite repair guide on Amazon: The Unauthorized Guide to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Repair. If you’re a trusting individual, you can also mail in your device to a service like uBreakiFix, iResq, or iFixYouri, which will diagnose and repair your product without you having to take it to a service center.

The REAL Solution: BE MORE CAREFUL, and protect your electronics from water at all costs!

As usual, common sense prevails as the best solution. Prevention, as they say, is the best medicine!

We hope this helps you either to avoid damaging your iPhone with water, or at least to provide some options for when disaster does strike. Good luck – and enjoy your gadgets!

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