This is The Apple Day That Was for January 6, 2014

This is The Apple Day That Was for January 6, 2014

It’s CES 2014 week, so we go from almost no news the past two weeks, and slide right into news manna from heaven. Or Las Vegas. Some say they are the same. Here we go, the MacTrast news digest for January 6, 2014…

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MacTrast’s CES 2014 Coverage
MacTrast will be covering the news out of CES 2014 in Las Vegas all week, so be sure to check back periodically for all the news out of the big show. Book mark this Link: CES 2014, to make sure you get all the latest.

Google Glass – Answers to (Some of) Your Questions
Our intrepid reporter, Ian Fuchs has had his hot little hands on a pair of Google’s Glass for awhile now, and he answers all your questions about Google Glass. Well, he answers all your questions if it’s among the questions he thought to ask himself.
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CES 2014: Pebble Introduces $249 ‘Pebble Steel,’ January Launch of Pebble Appstore
Pebble has announced the release of a new member of the Pebble family, the $249 “Pebble Steel.” The new smartwatch, is made of forged and CNC-machined stainless steel. The company also announced their Pebble appstore will open in late January. No word on whether Derek Zoolander will be filing for infringement on his “Blue Steel” copyright.
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CES 2014: Seagate Announces “Backup Plus Slim” Drives – Allows Backups From Your Mobile Devices
Seagate has announced the second generation of its Seagate Backup Plus external storage drive at CES 2014. TheSeagate Backup Plus Slim offers a USB 3.0 connection, and can store up to 2TB. They will sell you a “Special” Mac version of the drive for a few dollars more…
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SteelSeries Announces Their Stratus iOS 7 Gaming Controller Now Available for Pre-Order
In the wake of previous iOS 7 compatible game controller releases from Logitech and MOGA, gaming peripheral company SteelSeries has announced its Stratus iOS 7 gaming controller. Breaking rank with Logitech and MOGA’s offerings, the Stratus does not connect directly to the iOS device, but instead connects wirelessly via Bluetooth.
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CES 2014: LaCie Announces ‘Fuel’ The 1TB Wireless Hard Drive for The Mac and iOS Devices
LaCie has announced the Fuel, a wireless 1TB wireless hard drive that is designed to work with your Mac and iOS devices to allow streaming of media content from the Fuel to your devices. This one is already specified as “for Mac,” so the Mac tax is already built-in to the price.
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CES 2014: Sphero Announces iOS Controlled Sphero 2B Robot – Launches This Fall
Cats everywhere will have to start sleeping with both eyes open, as toy robot ball maker Sphero has announced the Sphero 2B, a $100 smartphone accessory/robot that will be controlled wirelessly from an iOS or Android app. The new kitty terror will be available in the fall.
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Following Criticism, Apple Vows to Diversify Its Board of Directors
As critics contend that Apple’s Board of Directors could use a few less white male faces sitting on it, the company vows to find someone besides white guys to sit on their board. Good, now maybe the board meetings won’t look like a Broadway revival of “12 Angry Men.”
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Apple Closes Out ’12 Days of Gifts’ Promotion With Rolling Stones Mini-Album
Apple has closed out its “12 Days of Gifts” holiday giveaway promotion with their final gift, The Rolling Stones mini-album: “Sweet Summer Sun, Live in Hyde Park 2013 (Live)” from 2013. No word on if the secret to eternal life by Keith Richards is included in the liner notes. Constant Blood transfusions… That’s the secret in case you’re asked.
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Apple Acquired SnappyLabs, The One Man Development Company Behind SnappyCam Photo App
Apple acquired SnappyLabs, the one man development company behind the SnappyCam app. The acquisition took place just before the end of 2013, and the app has since been removed from the App Store.
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Digital Music Sales Saw Their First Decrease Ever in 2013
Digital music sales fell for the first time ever in 2013. This marks the first yearly decrease in U.S. digital sales since the iTunes store opened in April of 2003. This may be the first article I’ve seen about a decrease in music sales that didn’t include the word “pirating” somewhere in the body.
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