Apple TV Owners – Check Out These Great Tips From Reddit

Apple TV Owners – Check Out These Great Tips From Reddit

When Reddit user DeepWoods found a new Apple TV under his tree Christmas morning, he asked Reddit for any cool tips for using his new toy. And, as usual, Reddit was not shy in replying. Even if you’re a long time Apple TV user, you’ll most likely find some tips you hadn’t heard before.


Reddit, via The Loop

“Holding down the menu button will get you back to the main menu faster than clicking menu 100 times.” – Confucius_said

“Holding up during playback shows info about the video. Holding select while the info bar is up gives you audio options (closed captioning).” – 37b

“In Netflix, press “play” on the episode in the summary episode-list page to play it directly.” – Oysterous

“You can also just press play on a series to play the next episode. Just press play when an episode ends to start the next. Next best thing to auto playing the next episode like some new Netflix clients do.” – RobertJP

“If you go to the settings, you can hide apps from the main screen, which is nice if you know you’re never going to touch a lot of things on it. Tidies it up nicely.” – notzak

“If you wish to organize your home screen more, you can select an icon and hold down on the center button until the icons start jiggling and move it wherever you want.” – ThirdFromTheSun

“If you have an iOS device, particularly an iPad, download and setup the Apple Remote App. It’s much easier to type on your iOS device than using the remote to move letter to letter. Or pair a bluetooth keyboard. It will save your sanity.” – nittanygeek

“You can put the Apple TV to sleep immediately by holding play/pause on the main menu. This combines well with the trick of holding menu to return to the main menu.” – Defragged

“Take some duct tape. Get your TV remote, get the Apple TV remote. Duct tape that little bastard to the back of your TV remote. I lose that fu**er all the time, or the cat takes it, or the kids take it, or it falls in the couch cushion…” – captainloverman

I haven’t had the opportunity to check all of these out, but I think I know what I’ll be doing on this cold winter’s day…

There are MANY more tips available on Reddit, and I highly suggest you check them out.