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Apple’s Motion to Remove E-Books Antitrust Monitor is Denied

Apple’s Motion to Remove E-Books Antitrust Monitor is Denied

Apple has had its motion to remove a court-appointed e-book antitrust monitor denied on Monday by a Federal District Court Judge.



In a hearing, U.S. District Court Judge Denise Cote blocked the motion to remove Michael Bromwich from his post, saying there was “nothing improper” about the monitor’s recently filed declaration, reports Reuters. Apple cited the filing as grounds for dismissal, claiming it suggested personal bias against the company.

Apple’s lawyers have already vowed to appeal the ruling.

Monday’s ruling is just the latest salvo in the increasingly bitter relationship between Apple and monitor Bromwich. The relationship between the two has been at best tenuous ever since Bromwich was assigned to the task of monitoring Apple’s conduct in the e-books arena.

Apple has accused Bromwich of overstepping boundaries, excessive fees, and of conducting a “roving” investigation.

Meanwhile Bromwich counters that Apple has been less than cooperative with employee interviews, and supplying necessary documentation in a timely manner.

After the decision by Judge Cote is officially filed, Apple will have 48 hours to seek an emergency stay from an appeals court.

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