CES 2014: Belkin Expands Its WeMo Lineup – And Yes, It Includes Crockpots

CES 2014: Belkin Expands Its WeMo Lineup – And Yes, It Includes Crockpots

It was expected that there would be plenty in the way of home automation at this year’s CES, and WeMo apparently didn’t want to disappoint anyone, as they’ve announced new additions to their lineup of WeMo devices, including… Wait for it… A slow-cooker “Crockpot.”



With new LED light bulbs, an intriguing, multifunctional “Maker” device, and even a connected slow cooker, WeMo is looking less and less like a niche offering and more and more like a legitimate, full-fledged home network.

Everything on the WeMo slate will integrate into the existing WeMo app on iOS and Android, and will also work with IFTTT, the free automation tool that links social networks, online services, and connected devices.

WeMo is introducing the WeMo LED Lighting Set, consisting of two WeMo Smart LED bulbs, and a WeMo Link, which is a hub that can control up to as many as 50 bulbs at once.

When the WeMo app is updated in February, you’ll be able to control the bulbs remotely, or set times for them to turn off and on. Belkin says there will also be a vacation mode that will simulate occupancy while you’re gone. Oh, and you’ll also be able to set the lights to brighten gradually in the morning to wake you up.

The WeMo LED Lighting Set will go for $129 at the retail level.


Via a partnership with Jarden Consumer Solutions, WeMo has several appliances in the works, which includes a Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker – which puts the time and temperature controls onto your smartphone, – and a Mr. Coffee WeMo Smart Coffee Maker.

Jarden, parent company to brands such as Mr. Coffee, Oster, and Holmes, will also be working with Belkin to offer WeMo-enabled heaters, humidifiers, and air purifiers from Holmes.

Finally, Belkin also unveiled their WeMo Maker Kit, a home automation option aimed squarely at the DIYer. The WeMo Maker will give users the ability to build their own home automation solutions by adding Internet connectivity to any device with a DC switch. This can include sprinkler systems, motors for blinds, antennas and more. These will be controlled via the WeMo app, and IFTTT.

The WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set, WeMo Smart LED Bulbs, Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker, and WeMo Maker Kit will all be available in spring 2014. More appliances will roll out in the months following.

If you’re a current WeMo user, keep your eyes peeled for next month’s app upgrade, which will add advanced asunrise/sunset rules, a countdown timer, and more.