CES 2014: Meta Announces New Premium iPhone Connected Smartwatches

CES 2014: Meta Announces New Premium iPhone Connected Smartwatches

While Pebble may have gotten the lion’s share of attention in the smartwatch space at CES 2014 so far, Meta, maker of the MetaWatch has confirmed that they are far from being out of the game just yet, with an announcement of their new premium smartwatch line set to launch this spring.



Meta’s newly announced products will be on display at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nev., though the new smart watches won’t go on sale until later this year at Best Buy and other retail partners. The “premium” smart watches were created by famed designer Frank Nuovo, of Nokia and Vertu. 

Meta will be shifting its brand to focus on what it calls “beautiful, premium smart watches.” Pricing for the new wearables hasn’t been announced, but when a company releases a “premium” line, there is usually a “premium” price to pay. Currently, the MetWatch lineup tops out at $200.

“This is the official start of our new brand evolution to Meta,” said Meta Chief Executive Bill Geiser. “The Meta brand expresses a blend of modern and classic style while integrating technology as a means to enhance the human side of your digital life.”

A new slogan, “The Art of the Glance,” refers to the widget driven interface of the watches, which allows users to see at a glance information such as local weather, calendar events, stock quotes, and sports scores in small widgets on the watch’s face.

Technical specifications for the new Meta lineup has not been released. We’ll be sure to keep you informed as details come out.