MacTrast News Digest for January 10, 2014

MacTrast News Digest for January 10, 2014

We made it through a full five day work week. (OK, a lot of us were at CES 2014, so would you call that work? Well…) It was a bit of a slow news day, as the show wound up, but we found a few choice morsels, such as an R2-D2 that will ride with you in the car and even charge your iPhone, Siri shaming a texter in the theater, a couple of nice gaming headsets, and we even took a look at what Reddit had to say the day the iPhone was first introduced.


What Reddit Had to Say About The Original iPhone
Seven years ago this week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage during the keynote of the Macworld Expo 2007 in San Francisco, and introduced a device that would revolutionize the mobile device industry. And as usual, Reddit had a few opinions about Apple’s foray into the mobile device marketplace.
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PAC-MAN App of the Week – Available Free in the App Store
PAC-MAN, the classic dot-gobbling maze game from Namco Bandai, has been named App of the Week in Apple’s App Store, and will be available FREE for the next week.
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iPhone ‘Halo’ is Driving Sales of Other Apple Products in the Enterprise
Apple’s success in moving into large corporations is thanks to the iPhone, says The Wall Street Journal. The handset is acting as a “halo” product, that is, it sells to first-time Apple owners who like the product so much, they investigate what else Apple has to offer.
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Siri Just Says ‘No’ to Texting at The Alamo Drafthouse Theater
It turns out Siri hates moviegoers who try to text in a theater just as much as the rest of us. Well, in the world of the Alamo Drafthouse, at least.
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CES 2014: Sennheiser Announces 2 New High-End Mac Compatible Gaming Headsets
Sennheiser has unveiled two new high-end PC gaming headsets – G4ME™ ZERO and G4ME™ ONE – the headsets are also compatible with the Mac line of computers.
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This IS The Droid You’re Looking For: The R2-D2 USB Car Charger
You know you’ve wanted to fly through outer space with RS-D2 along for the ride. Well, tis may be as close as you’ll ever come, but it’s still pretty damn cool…
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That’s all for this week, be sure to check in over the weekend for some great wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad, and also check out our Kickstarter of the Week. Otherwise, see you all next week! Have a great weekend!


  1. Verizon Seemingly Experiencing Major Nationwide Data Outage
  2. Upcoming Disney Film ‘John Carter’ Dedicated to Steve Jobs
  3. Apple Releases iAd Producer 2.1, Adds Twitter Integration and Retina iPad Support
  4. Apple Announces “Find My Friends” Feature In iOS 5
  5. Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Letter Says Merger Will Benefit Users With Lower Costs, Improved Services
  6. Controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Passes in Senate by Large Margin
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