MacTrast News Digest for January 22, 2014

MacTrast News Digest for January 22, 2014

Wednesday! That lovely day of the week when you know it’s all downhill to the weekend! Today we have Mayhem hitting Apple’s Fifth Avenue store, the real “verses” users are creating while they use their iPads, a new Mac mini might be on the way, and Carl “iCahn” blabs some more on Twitter about his Apple holdings. All this and more!

Snowblower Shatters Glass Panel at Apple Store Fifth Avenue Location
Following a heavy snowstorm in New York City, clean up crews began clearing snow with the help of snowblowers. Sadly, one of the crews cleaning away the winter storm leavings reportedly shattered one of the fifteen glass panels that make up the Fifth Avenue Apple Store’s 32-foot glass cube. (Serves ’em right for allowing Allstate to do a Mayhem commercial in front of the store…)
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Is This Really How iPads Are Used? Is This “Your Verse”?
By now, most of us have seen Apple’s new “Your Verse” ad for the iPad. But does the commercial truly reflect how the iPad is used? I mean, it doesn’t mention reading on the toilet at all…
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Analysts Project Holiday Quarter Sales of Apple’s iPad at 25M
The fall 2013 debut of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display looks to have helped Apple’s tablets achieve double-digit year-over-year gains during the holiday shopping season.
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Judge Strikes Down Two Samsung Patents Ahead of Second Patent Lawsuit With Apple
A second patent infringement court battle is set to begin between Apple and Samsung on March 31, 2014. In September 2013, Judge Lucy Koh ordered both companies to narrow the scope of their ongoing legal spat by dropping one patent each from the trial.
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Wishful Thinking? – Belgian Retailer Says Apple Is Planning Mac mini Update by End of February
In what could be just a bad case of wishful thinking, a Mac reseller based in Belgium claims it has received “inside information” suggesting Apple will be releasing updated models of its admittedly long-in-the-tooth Mac mini desktop before the end of February.
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‘iCahn’ Tweets About ‘No Brainer’ Apple Investment – Stake Grows to Over $3B
Carl “iCahn” Icahn is back on Twitter. The billionaire activist took to his official Twitter account this week to brag that he has pulled a “no brainer” by purchasing $500 million more shares of Apple stock in the last two weeks, and to continue to moan that Apple is doing a great disservice to its shareholders by not buying more of its stock back.
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Foxconn Executives Caught Taking Kickbacks from iPhone Parts Suppliers Head to Jail
Taiwanese police have reportedly arrested at least a dozen current and former senior managers at Foxconn. They have been charged with accepting bribes from components suppliers for the popular iPhone the company assembles for Apple.
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That’s all for “Hump Day.” See you on Thursday, it’s all downhill from here!