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It’s Officially ‘Nintend-Oh-Hell-No!’ for Games on iOS

It’s Officially ‘Nintend-Oh-Hell-No!’ for Games on iOS

We reported earlier this week that Nintendo would not be releasing any of its games for the iOS or Android platforms. That is now Super Mario Brothers official.



Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed during a strategy briefing that, despite recent rumors, the struggling company¬†has no plans to bring any of its games to iOS¬†or other smartphone platforms. The news will come as a disappointment to fans of Nintendo’s properties and also investors who have been wearing of Nintendo’s decreasing profits and brand perception in the eyes of modern gamers.

Rumors that Nintendo was planning on making their games available for smartphone platforms surfaced last week, and Iwata quickly shot those rumors down. Nintendo does reportedly have plans to bring “service apps” to iOS, which would act as an informational bridge to Nintendo’s console hardware. The apps could allow such functions as tracking scores, seeing what friends are playing, and of course Big N related news. (“$100 price drop on Wii U! No, wait! $150!”)

Too bad Nintendo doesn’t plan on bringing any of their franchises to iOS, as the recent release of iOS 7 compatible gaming controllers could have allowed a true console experience with the Big N games.