Online Brain Teasers Show iPhone Users Smarter Than Users of Other Brands

Online Brain Teasers Show iPhone Users Smarter Than Users of Other Brands

Are you smart because you own an iPhone, or do you own an iPhone because you’re smart? An online test by UK bookmaker Ladbrokes challenged users of various smartphones to test their mental agility.


The Daily Mail:

iPhone users were found to have the quickest wits of all, completing the test in 94 seconds, on average, while BlackBerry users were the slowest at 118 seconds.

User’s that identified themselves as users of Apple’s iPhone completed the test in an average time of 94 seconds, while Google phone users took 99 seconds to work their way through it, Samsung users racked up 103 seconds, HTC owners 105, Nokia owners fought their way through in 109, and BlackBerry came in dead last with an average time of 118 seconds.

The Test of Wits is comprised of seven brainteasers designed to test a person’s problem solving skills, pattern recognition, and code cracking. If a test subject enters a wrong answer, they are allowed to retry answering until they get it right.

Each user is asked to identify the manufacturer of the handset they currently use, and then a timer begins recording their speed in answering.

You can try out the test online at Test of Wits. (I tried it, and I am sure I am personally responsible for bringing down the average “Apple” score by a full point.)

Now, for the next question on the agenda: If we’re all so smart, how come we’re not rich?