What Reddit Had to Say About The Original iPhone

What Reddit Had to Say About The Original iPhone

Seven years ago today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage during the keynote of the Macworld Expo 2007 in San Francisco, and introduced a device that would revolutionize the mobile device industry.


Everyone seemed to have an opinion about the little device that could, especially on Reddit. Now, let’s go back in time seven years and see what Redditers had to say about our favorite handset’s not so humble beginnings…

“Wow, they didn’t do this halfway. I really respect that.” – otakucode

“When I got to the end of the keynote and they announced the price, I went damn, so that’s how much I’ll be paying.” – cdills

“it’s like they scooped out my brain, picked it apart, crapped a rainbow into it, and put it back in.” – dotrob

“A free SDK is the deciding feature for me – if there’s no possibility of homebrew apps, this thing is cool, but not worth $1500 of my money. If, however, an ecosystem is going to develop around it, then I want in.” – llimllib

“I’m still happy using my four year old Zen Xtra for playing MP3s and my Nokia 3210 for calls ;)” – marvin

“I’d say this is a pretty big jump. I think this is a case where you dont need to worry too much about something better coming along anytime soon.” – freshyill

“So, uh, anyone want a Microsoft Tablet PC anymore? Or should i just throw it on the pile of Zunes?” – raldi

“It looks really cool (and I hate apple), but getting maps on my phone would be the height of pimpness. I will of course wait a few years, untill a half priced knockoff product comes out that does all the same things.” – degustikobashimaru

“First thing that came to my mind was ‘Mmm Finger Prints!'” – ukdkbr

“Basically the main selling point is the UI, which may prove to be far less thrilling than you might think.” – xcbsmith

The comments go on and on – It’s worth taking a look on Reddit and seeing what users there thought of the phone immediately following its introduction.

Big thanks to Twitter user @diegopetrucci for the link to the original Reddit posts.