Kickstarter of the Week: JUMP – The Smartphone Charger That Charges Itself

Kickstarter of the Week: JUMP – The Smartphone Charger That Charges Itself

Everyone has run low on power for their mobile device. If you’re like me, you usually have a charging cable handy, but then you need to find a USB port, or charger to plug it into. Or you carry a Mophie-type charging device with you, but you have to keep that charged in order to tap into its reserve, and it takes up space in your backpack… UGH!

From the JUMP Kickstarter page:

JUMP is not just a charging cable; it also provides your smartphone with a substantial power boost wherever you are, without ever having to remember to charge it. Perfect for work, play, and travel.

The JUMP charging cable has a small battery pack built in that charges while you’re charging your mobile device. Then, you simply carry the JUMP with you – it doesn’t take up much more space than the usual lightning or micro USB cable you usually carry with you. Then you can get a 30% “jumpstart” for your device.


There is 800mAh of power packed into the compact form factor that weighs less than two AA batteries. This provides up to 3 hours and 50 minutes of additional talk-time.

JUMP charges itself automatically every time you charge your phone, whenever JUMP senses that your device is fully charged, it begins charging itself, so it’s always available when needed.


JUMP pledges run from the ever popular $1 pledge – where the makers of JUMP will give you their never ending thanks, and keep you in the loop on further developments – all the way up to $40, where you’ll get a JUMP unit at a 20% discount off of the retail price.


The Kickstarter is funded, with just 3 days to go at the time of this writing, and the makers are now trying for their stretch goals.

At $300,000 in funding a limited edition Kickstarter-inspired JUMP will become available. This version will allow you to look inside the JUMP. The body of the limited edition Kickstarter JUMP will be smoky gray, with the LED indicator showing green lights.

At $400,000 in funding, all backers will have their cotton pouch UPGRADED to a Limited Edition Kickstarter-only handcrafted genuine leather case! JUMP leather cases will have a retail value of $19.99.


If the JUMP interests you, be sure to visit the JUMP Kickstarter website and check it out.

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