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4 Days In: iOS 7.1 Adoption Versus iOS 7 Adoption

4 Days In: iOS 7.1 Adoption Versus iOS 7 Adoption

Mobile publishing and monetization firm Onswipe has created a chart that compares the adoption rate of both iOS 7, and the recently released iOS 7.1 in the first four days of their availability. (Via Cult of Mac)


The chart (above) shows a 45.9% adoption rate for iOS 7, while iOS 7.1 showed an adoption rate of 28.27% on all active devices for the first four days.

It should be noted that iOS 7 was a radical update, with numerous changes that attracted upgraders.

“iOS 7.1 and 7.0 had a similar growth curve on the first few hours,” says Onswipe analyst Jason Baptiste, who put the figures together for CoM. “iOS 7.1 did give 7.0 a good run for its money in terms of adoption.”

“We’ve seen a 2.36x boost in iOS 7.1 adoption over the past 48 hours to over 28%,” said Baptiste. “… Many people feel this software is like giving them a ‘brand new phone,’ hence the desire for many to upgrade.”

Onswipes figures are based on analysis of global iOS traffic from approximately 3 million devices.


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