Apple Debuts 8GB iPhone 5c, Relaunches 16GB iPad 4

Apple Debuts 8GB iPhone 5c, Relaunches 16GB iPad 4

As expected, Apple has officially debuted an 8GB version of the iPhone 5c, and reintroduced a 16GB version of the iPad 4.



The 8 GB iPhone 5c is currently being sold in Apple’s European Online Stores for £429 unlocked in all of the existing color options, where it is £40 cheaper than the 16 GB model and is expected to become available in the U.S. later today.

The 16GB iPad 4 is available globally, and is available in Apple’s U.S. online retail store for $399. A cellular capable version is also available for $529.

The relaunched iPad 4 will take the place of Apple’s three-year-old iPad 2. It is listed on Apple’s website as the “iPad With Retina Display,” and sports an A6X chip and 1GB memory compared to the former’s A5 processor and 512 MB of memory. All iPads sold by the company now feature the Lightning connector, completely replacing the legacy 30-pin dock connector.

Apple’s iPhone 5c hasn’t sold as well as expected, and the release of the 8GB iPhone 5c comes in the midst of a new publicity push for the device. The company recently began running a new set of playful online ads to promote the device, running them on Tumblr, as well as and The New York Times.

The iPad 4 is available to order from Apple’s Online Store or through the company’s retail locations. The 8GB iPhone 5c is not currently showing up as an option on the U.S. site, but is expected to later today. (MacRumors reports that Apple has confirmed to Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt that the 8 GB model will only be available in the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and China.)