iPhone 4 Users – iOS 7.1 Makes Your Device Snappier!

iPhone 4 Users – iOS 7.1 Makes Your Device Snappier!

iPhone 4 users who weren’t happy with their devices performance after upgrading to iOS 7 may find that by updating to iOS 7.1, their devices may get some of that old pep back.



Today, with the release of iOS 7.1, Apple has much improved the experience of iPhone 4 users on iOS 7, though not entirely back to what users saw in iOS 6.1.3. 

Ars Technica, reports that there is a measurable improvement in iOS 7.1, including how long it takes to open an app from the home screen. (See chart above.)

As seen in the chart, there are noticeable speed improvements across all of the listed apps. While not back to iOS 6.1.3 speeds, it’s definitely a nice bump from iOS 7. Ars reports the speed improvements make the iPhone 4 feel more responsive than it did under 7.

The report also notes that iOS 7.1 helps with the jerkiness experienced in iOS 7. Actions such as launching apps, or pulling up Control Center are smoother in the 7.1 update.

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