Rumor: Apple Shelves Plans for 12.9-in ‘iPad Pro’

Rumor: Apple Shelves Plans for 12.9-in ‘iPad Pro’

Digitimes reports today that Apple has reportedly shelved its plans to make a larger-screen version of its popular iPad tablet. Rumors had circulated earlier that Apple was developing a 12.9-inch tablet, with a target launch date of early next year.



However, most of the large-size tablet projects face difficulties because of lack of support from related platform developers and ecosystems. Apple has also been said to shelved its large-size tablet project.

While rumors about the larger “iPad Pro” were never confirmed, Samsung apparently thought enough of them to actually release a 12.2-inch Android-based tablet, which Digitimes Research expects to only ship around one million units or so.¬†Asustek Computer is reportedly prepping the release of a 13.3-inch dual-OS tablet.

With rumors such as these, especially from a source such as Digitimes, we can never tell if the “iPad Pro” was a go, and then put on the shelf, merely some supply chain info that was misinterpreted, or even if Apple just floated a few rumors to see how Samsung would react. (“It worked! Did you see the size of that thing Samsung released?”)