Amazon Says It Is Now No. 3 in Streaming Video Usage

Amazon Says It Is Now No. 3 in Streaming Video Usage

On the heels of the release of its new Fire TV streaming set-top box, Amazon has issued a press release saying it has officially leapt into third place in video streaming usage in the U.S. Amazon jump-frogged Hulu and Apple to reach the third spot, it still trails Netflix and YouTube in the standings.


The release cites recent research from Qwilt. Amazon also noted that video streaming from its Prime Instant Video service have tripled since the same time last year.

Qwilt’s research shows Amazon with a 94% jump in traffic volume of users consuming video since last year. While the report includes streams from the service to just U.S. broadband subscribers, it does not specify what video content is being tracked from Apple.

Today, only Netflix and YouTube produce more total online video traffic in the US. Amazon”s traffic volumes, as measured by Qwilt in March of 2014, increased by 94% over the previous 12 months. In some US operator networks, between March 2013 and March 2014, Amazon”s streaming video traffic increase was nearly 300%.

Amazon debuted its Fire TV set-top box last week, which is a direct competitor to the Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast, Roku’s streaming lineup, and other hardware of the type.

(Via 9to5Mac)