Apple is Testing Maps Push Notifications – Informs Users of Fixes

Apple is Testing Maps Push Notifications – Informs Users of Fixes

Apple is reportedly testing push notifications in its iOS Maps app. It seems a user reported an error in the Maps app on April 6th, and was given the option to receive a notification when the issue was fixed. Apple then sent a push notification informing the user the issue had been addressed on April 8th.



It appears that the feature is still in testing at this point and it is unclear when it might be made available to all users. The initial user who first spotted the feature says that the option has only appeared intermittently, and at least two MacRumors forum users were able to confirm that they had seen it as well. MacRumors has been unable to reproduce it.

MacTrast checked three available iOS devices, and we were also unable to reproduce the notification option.

Apple has allowed users to report errors since the Maps app debuted in September 2012. However, they have never notified a user when the issue they reported had been addressed. Google also includes support for such a feature in its mapping service, notifying users via email of the progress of the fix.

Apple continues to work on ways of improving its much maligned Maps app, after facing criticism over data inaccuracies when the app first debuted as part of iOS 7.

Apple has hired “ground truth” experts around the world to improve the quality of its mapping service, and has also acquired numerous mapping apps, including HopStop, BroadMap, and more.