Finally: Sunglasses That Alert You When You Leave Them Behind!

Finally: Sunglasses That Alert You When You Leave Them Behind!

If you’re like me, you’ve left your sunglasses behind more times than you can count. Eyewear maker Tzuruki has announced a new crowdfunding campaign that should help remedy that. They want to manufacture Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses with full iBeacon support. The shades will ping your iPhone, so you’ll get an alert when you leave them behind. Good thing too, because the wearable technology will set you back $250 to preorder a pair…


The fancy shades will allow your iPhone to emit a loud ring and buzz any time the glasses and your device are separated. So, it will also warn you if you’re leaving your iPhone behind while you’re wearing the connected shades. Unfortunately, if you leave them both on the table, they will happily hangout together with no warning to you. (But, you can’t have everything..)

The glasses will be self-powered to keep the Bluetooth LE connection going, and will even transmit data to iPhone users as they walk by while the glasses are sitting on a store shelf waiting to be sold.

Currently, prescription lens options aren’t available, but the company says that’s in the works for the future.

The Tzuruki sunglasses are available for pre-order now for $250 are expected to ship in December or January. For more information, visit the Tzuruki website.

(Via 9to5Mac)