Kickstarter of Note: The Pad and Quill Micro Field Bag for iPhone

Kickstarter of Note: The Pad and Quill Micro Field Bag for iPhone

We are big fans of everything Pad and Quill here at MacTrast, so we wanted to make sure you knew about a Kickstarter project they’re offering up. The Micro Field Bag for the iPhone offers the same great design and materials as Pad and Quill’s full-sized Field Bag, but in a size made just for your iPhone!

Pad and Quill Kickstarter:

The world’s first leather bag for iPhone. A miniature version of our regular Field Bag for your iPhone, ID, Credit cards and cash. […] With the very same details that we poured into our leather and canvas bags, the Micro Field bag is a quality carry bag, uh.. sleeve for your iPhone. Made of full grain leather, 18 oz waxed canvas and stitched with thread that is used in Parachutes. Yes. Parachutes. We even plan to include a micro handle on the back for the smallest of fingers.


Pad and Quill say they wanted to match the quality of their full-sized bags, so they used the exact same materials from those bags, on their Micro Field Bag.


“Some big considerations were to make this as slim as possible so you could fill the Micro Field Bag with your phone, ID, and Credit card, while still being able to stuff the bag in a pocket or purse. Another was to have a ringlet hole at the top for one main reason, your headphones. We also think this might be a great place to attach a small wrist strap or lanyard.  One item that is not shown on this first prototype is the closure.  That will be done with a regular, but high quality button snap.”


The Micro Field Bag for iPhone project is nearing its funding goal with 8 days to go, so if you love Pad and Quill products as much as we do, you know you want to visit their Kickstarter page and check it out! Pledges begin at $50 to get your own Micro Field Bag.