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  • Review: Hybrid Racing for the iPad – Fast-Paced Racing Action for Your iPad

Review: Hybrid Racing for the iPad – Fast-Paced Racing Action for Your iPad

Review: Hybrid Racing for the iPad – Fast-Paced Racing Action for Your iPad

Do you like racing games that are non-stop from the time you load it, but with opportunities to upgrade and customize your racing machines – which include the famous Dubai Police supercars? Then you need to check out Hybrid Racing for the iPad, an exciting racing game that was built especially for the iPad.



Hybrid Racing features more than 40 super fast cars, which include the famous Dubai Police supercars. You race against opponents from 6 different hoods, and conquer their territory one-by-one in over 300 events.

The events are all set in Dubai, 15 locations in all. And while you would think being restricted to Dubai for your locales would eventually be boring, the racing stays challenging and interesting.

Cars are all customizable, with 70 variations, and 6 upgradable parts and tuning features.

As with any game nowadays, Hybrid Racing is social network connected, so you can challenge Facebook friends, or ask them to help you progress through the game.


Your crew includes both male and female drivers to compete for you in events. You can even train them to make them more skilled, to assist you in battling enemy cars. If you’d like, you can simply act as manager for your racing team, allowing them to drive races for you while you analyze their performance.

Cars in the game include: Bentley, Aventador, Aston Martin, Ferrari FF, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Nissan GTR, Corvette ZR1, and many more.

The flexibility of the game is what I enjoyed. Managing, or hopping in the car and driving it yourself, both options were interesting and enjoyable.

Hybrid seems to offer something for racers of all type, from the most casual racing gamer to the player who want’s to control all aspects of his machine.


The overall graphics of the game are excellent. While not the greatest graphics I’ve ever seen in a racing game, they are still very good. The imagery is bright and eye catching.

While the game is free to play, you can make in-app purchases to increase your gold coin and gold bar stash, and also buy cars and other accessories. While playing, I never felt I was being forced to make in-app purchases, merely that the option was handy if I needed it.


Racing fans will want to give Hybrid a try. Especially since it’s a free download. The racing is fun, and the various car control schemes are sure to include one that you’ll enjoy using. The graphics are great, and the challenges are top notch.

Please note: Hybrid is currently only available in the Canadian App Store. Here’s hoping the developer will release it in the United States and other stores very soon.


Price: FREE – Available in the Canadian App Store for the iPad. [DIRECT LINK]


  • Easy to jump into the game and just start racing.
  • Plenty of customization and management options if you’re into that.
  • Graphics and gameplay are well done.


  • It’s only available in the Canadian App Store for now…


*Note: The above review was commissioned by the developer in accordance with our app review policy, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion.