Review: Titan: Olympus War – A Fusion of Card Battles and Empire Building

Review: Titan: Olympus War – A Fusion of Card Battles and Empire Building

I’ll admit, I haven’t played too many games in the card battling genre, or the empire-building genre either. So, when I was asked to review a game that combines the two genres, I wasn’t exactly excited. However, once I sat down and started playing, I was intrigued.



Titan: Olympus War is an empire-building card battle game with a Greek mythological flavor. Using over 300 cards which feature Greek gods, and heroes, players work to expand their empires, while battling to defend the empire they already have in place. You can expand your empire by winning battles and skirmishes at your empire’s borders.

Each hero has their own attributes, (light, water, fire, earth, air, and darkness), and they can improve via skill upgrades.

Players can manage up to 10 cities and 190 territories. Each city is defended by a patron hero, god, or archon. Players choose how to develop the heroes skills in order to play out their strategies. Players also build their cities according to their own preferences.

Titan allows you to join clans and conquer other groups, via 3:3 PVP battles. One nice feature is the “Titan War” weekly raid where you can join forces with your clan and battle to earn rewards and conquer other cities.

You can also engage in card battles where you battle other players with your deck and earn rewards if you win 5 battles in a day.


My personal experience with the game was quite pleasant. As I stated at the beginning of this review, i am not accustomed to playing games such as Titan, so the tutorials that lead you through the opening parts of the game, and appear off and on as you progress through the game were quite welcome for this newbie.

I was initially turned off a bit when I first started up the game, as I had to wait a few minutes for a new “resource file” to download, but this seems to be an occurrence that happens more and more in games these days.

The ability to begin a game as a total newbie, and be led through the initial parts of the game was invaluable. Learning the rules of building and battle while earning points is a great way to introduce the game to a beginner.

I also enjoyed the added incentive to login each and every day, as you receive a daily bonus of money, jewels, and other items to use in the game, when you do.

One disappointment with the game, and this cost the game a half star, was the lack of support for the larger screen of the iPhone 5 and above. There is no excuse for this at this late date. I also found it difficult to read everything on the cramped “iPhone 4” display dimensions. iPad users will find the larger screen a welcome aid in following the game.



Fans of both the card battle genre, and empire building games will find much to be recommended in Titans: Olympus War. Seasoned veterans of both genres will find the game has much to offer. while newbies like myself will find the handholding that occurs early in the game quite welcome.


Price: Free for a Limited Time – Available for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]


  • An interesting blend of the card battling and empire building genres.
  • Newbies will find the tutorials quite welcome.
  • The graphics are well done, and quite fitting for this type of game.


  • No excuse for still using iPhone 4 screen dimensions.
  • Lengthy waits for downloads when starting the game are never welcome.


*Note: The above review was commissioned by the developer in accordance with our app review policy, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion.