Rumor: Apple to Bring Baseband Chip Development In-House

Rumor: Apple to Bring Baseband Chip Development In-House

A new rumor on Tuesday claims Apple is considering bringing the research and development of future iPhone baseband processors in-house. Apple developed chips could be used in iPhones as soon as 2015.


AppleInsider notes the report is from “iffy” rumor sourceĀ DigiTimes, so, as always, get your salt shakers ready.

The publication cites industry sources when it reports Apple is planning on developing in-house the baseband processors to be used in the 2015 iPhone. The component would reportedly be manufactured by Samsung and Globalfoundries.

The baseband processor manages all on-board radio functions in a device. Qualcomm is the current supplier of the chip for Apple, who uses it in both the iPhone and iPad lineups.

Also mentioned is Apple’s desire to incorporate a baseband processor into its A-series processors, although it will reportedly stick with two chips for the moment.

One point the rumor has in its favor is Apple’s continuing efforts to exert tighter control over the design and manufacturing of components used in its devices.