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Apple v. Samsung Jury Asks for Clarification on Key Points

Apple v. Samsung Jury Asks for Clarification on Key Points

During its first full day of deliberations on Wednesday, the Apple v. Samsung patent trial jury sent five notes to Judge Lucy Koh requesting clarification on key case points.



A total of five notes came out of the jury room on Wednesday, four of which asked that additional evidence be provided regarding Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, how the patents-in-suit were selected and Samsung’s response to hearing news of Apple’s claims of infringement.

Judge Koh referred jurors back to exhibits form the trial in all but one request. She told jurors that evidence presented during the trial cannot be supplemented.

The jury’s first note requested if evidence is available to shed some light on what Steve Jobs said “at the moment he directed, or decided to prosecute, a case against Samsung” and if Google was mentioned in that directive or subsequent orders.

While Apple has made it clear that Google is not on trial, Samsung has attempted to shield its products during the trial by pointing out alleged infringing features were a part of the Android operating system.

A second jury note asked how Apple selected its five alleged infringed properties. Jurors want to know if the properties were presented to Apple executives before or after it was decided to sue Samsung. The company is seeking $2.2 billion in damages for those infringed properties.

The jury also requested evidence pertaining to two patents purchased by Samsung, and also asked if evidence could be provided as to what Samsung’s CEO said on hearing the news that Apple believed its patents were being infringed.

Judge Koh denied all evidence requests, instead directing the jurors to the documents already presented during the trial.

Finally, the jury requested eight copies of the Jury Verdict Form. The judge supplied the reproductions, but noted that only one copy can be the “official” form when the verdict is handed down.

The jury returns to the courthouse on Thursday and will deliberate every weekday until they reach a verdict.

Apple v Samsung Jury Notes