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Apple’s Sapphire Moves Makes Samsung Take a Second Look at The Super-Hard Material

Apple’s Sapphire Moves Makes Samsung Take a Second Look at The Super-Hard Material

Samsung has once more revisited the possibility of using sapphire glass in their devices, likely due to reports of Apple’s plans to use the super-hard material in its upcoming products. Both Samsung and fellow South Korean firm LG are reported to be once again looking at sapphire for use in their devices.



Both companies are thought to have evaluated sapphire last year as well, eventually passing on it for cost reasons. Word of the Asian conglomerates’ about-face came from Korea’s etnews.comand was first noticed by GforGames.

Apple’s $578 million investment in an Arizona sapphire facility, (seen above), has prompted LG and Samsung to ask Asian sapphire manufacturers for more samples to review. If Samsung were to opt to use the durable glass, it’s likely it wouldn’t appear in any devices before the release of its Samsung Galaxy S6 handset. (Samsung’s Galaxy S5 flagship handset was released just last month.)

While its possible Apple may use sapphire in its smartphone and tablet products, many observers feel the company will instead use the super-hard but brittle covering for its much-rumored “iWatch.”

Apple already makes use of sapphire glass in the rear-facing cameras of its iOS devices, and in the touch ID sensor of its iPhone 5s.

  1. Below$600AShareIsPathetic!}:-( says:

    Wherever Apple leads, Samsung will quickly follow. Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 is some pretty good stuff and Corning had said that using sapphire wasn’t nearly as practical as GG3. I can’t imagine why Samsung would suddenly want to use sapphire except because Apple is likely going to use it. Considering the added cost and the fact it hasn’t been tested, I can’t imagine why Samsung would bother to follow Apple in the use of sapphire. Apple has already thought this through with the acquisition of G.T. Advanced Technologies, so it’s definitely not a spur of the moment decision for Apple.

  2. Sebastian Bartlett says:

    If samsung are successful in utilising graphene then this sapphire glass will look pathetic in comparison. This will lead to apple following the trend again and then likely claiming it as their own and suing the competition as they continue to fall behind.

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