Check Out Live Tile-Style Icons in This iOS 8 Concept Video

Check Out Live Tile-Style Icons in This iOS 8 Concept Video

Wouldn’t it be great to see the current temperature without having to actually load the damned iOS Weather app? Designer Jay Machalani just posted a concept video that shows how widget and live tiles like those found in Android and Windows Phone, respectively, could improve the iOS 8 experience.


Machalani’s concept is so slickly produced that it might leave you drooling. He borrows some common UI tricks he’s from Microsoft and Google, like app resizing and richer information displays, but he’s also added some touches of his own. In particular, I love how he implements the pinch to zoom gesture as a way of bring able to peek inside an app without opening it all the way up.

I’d be happy if Apple would just display the current temperature on the freaking Weather icon! They can do it for today’s date on the Calendar icon, why not a little thing like the current temperature? SIGH!

Apple is expected to unveil their next iOS version, iOS 8, at next weeks WWDC 2014. Let’s hope they’ve taken at least parts of Machalani’s video to heart.

(Thanks to Mr. @Jim_Gresham for the tip…)