How To Find Out How Much Cellular Data Your Apps Are Using

How To Find Out How Much Cellular Data Your Apps Are Using

Are you on a measured data plan, and wonder what uses up your monthly allotment of that precious 4G LTE data you pay so dearly for? Here’s a simple way to see which apps are using cellular data, and how to stop them from eating up your monthly data allotment, leaving you plenty of data to use for important things, like downloading cat videos from YouTube.


From your iOS device’s Home Screen, tap the “Settings” icon. Then just tap┬áthe “Cellular” menu option in the Settings menu. Scroll down until you see a section titled: “USE CELLULAR DATA FOR:”. Here you will find all of the apps that are allowed to use cellular data.

Any app that has used data will show an amount just below the name of the app. Scroll through the app list to find out which apps are heavy users of your precious LTE data.

You’ll also notice a toggle switch to the right of the app’s name. If it’s toggled to “ON,” (green), it’s allowed to use cellular data when a Wi-Fi signal isn’t available. While you’ll probably want to leave some apps, like Calendar and Safari, set to allow use of cellular data, you can turn off the privilege for other apps to save on your precious monthly data allotment.