Indiegogo of Interest: ONEPOCKET Case & Magic Wallet for iPhone 5/5s

Indiegogo of Interest: ONEPOCKET Case & Magic Wallet for iPhone 5/5s

If you’re like me, between your iPhone, billfold, keys, spare change, and whiskey flask, you run out of room in your pockets. OK, maybe the whiskey flask can go in my back pocket, but what about the rest of the junk I carry around? This problem caused me to take a closer look at ONEPOCKET, the combination case and magic wallet for the iPhone 5/5s.

From the ONEPOCKET Indiegogo site:

The ONEPOCKET idea is to keep your iPhone protected and, by allowing you to keep the contents of your wallet together with it. The ONEPOCKET will also help to minimize the chances of leaving important belongings behind as everything you need will be in one place and will also fit in one single pocket!


While the ONEPOCKET sits behind the magic wallet, the ingenious design of the case allows you to easily slide your iPhone up if you need to take photos or record video. The ONEPOCKET includes a secure locking system to hold you r iPhone safe and secure, but gives you easy access to the camera when needed. The ONEPOCKET also features two hooks allowing you to attach your keys, pen drives, arm straps or whatever else you need.


The ONEPOCKET also includes with two lateral openings for easy access to the volume and silent key controls and also one on top for the power button. In addition, you use use earphones or charge your iPhone without the need to take it out of the ONEPOCKET.


The ONEPOCKET also works as a stand for your iPhone allowing you to watch your favorite movies or use it for Facetime and Skype video calls.


Pledge levels for the ONEPOCKET are available from $46 for one case, up to $100 for four. If the ONEPOCKET looks like a solution to your crowded pocket problem, be sure to visit the ONEPOCKET Indiegogo site for more information.

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