Internet Radio App Radium for Mac Gets an Update

Internet Radio App Radium for Mac Gets an Update

One of our favorite apps for listening to Internet radio here at MacTrast is Radium, the great and easy to use Mac app from the fabulously named CatPig Studios. The app received an update recently, and we thought we’d give you the heads up on the new version.


Radium for Mac is up to version 3.07, and here’s a list of the improvements:

  • Radium can now use Location Services (if you let it) to deliver better search results
  • Fixed some streaming issues, sleep prevention errors, rare crashes, animation glitches, menubar icon interaction issues, “Love on”, and audio output device detection issues
  • Performance improvements

The honest folks over at CatPig also wanted us to tell you that some non-WiFi users may experience problems searching for stations due to a last minute error that slipped into this version, but there is a workaround, just either turn on WiFi or turn off Location Services for Radium until the next update.


Radium for Mac is available in the Mac App Store for just $9.99, and it’ll probably be the best tenner you’ve ever spent if you’re an Internet radio fan. [DIRECT LINK]

CatPig also makes a version of Radium for the iPhone, and it’s FREE, so be sure to grab that version for listening on the go. [DIRECT LINK]

One last thing, I’m sure CatPig would want me to point out the cool new icon for their app, and it’s the same for both the Mac and the iPhone versions of the app. So there’s that.

  1. Ian Forsey says:

    A first class Radio App for Mac Computers / iPad / iPhone. Great support from CatPig Studios if you need it – right from the App.

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