Slingshot – Share your iOS screen With Anyone on Any Platform

Slingshot – Share your iOS screen With Anyone on Any Platform

Here at MacTrast we are big fans of Squirrels. Yes, those too, but we’re referring to the developer of such great apps as AirParrot and Reflector which allow you to mirror your Mac or PC screen to an Apple TV, or your iOS device to a Mac or PC. Squirells is launching a great new product today called “Slingshot,” which allows you to share your iOS device’s screen cross-platform style with other users, be they on iOS, Android, Windows, or OS X. There are some cool collaboration tools too…


Squirrels, via 9to5Mac:

Slingshot will allow users to share their iPad, iPhoneand iPod screens to anyone else in a Slingshot session. Mac and PC screens can also be shared and viewed by anyone in a session — including those on iOS and Android devices. “Slingshot users can mirror their phone screen to a computer or even another user on a phone,” Stanfill said. “We designed Slingshot to work with the most common phones, tablets and computers.”

Alongside the screen sharing abilities, Slingshot also includes chat and collaboration tools. These allow collaborative notes in real time, along with instant file sharing with everyone in the session, regardless of the platform they’re on. Video, audio, and text chat are included.

The service is priced at $9.99 a month and up, but Squirrels does offer a 30-day free trial.The iOS app is available on the App Store, while links to the apps for Android, Windows, and Mac can be found on the company’s website.