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Apple and Samsung Work to Find ‘Common Ground’ in Talks to End Patent Battles

Apple and Samsung Work to Find ‘Common Ground’ in Talks to End Patent Battles

A new report from The Korea Times (via GforGames) says Apple and Samsung are searching for “common ground” in their efforts to put an end to their ongoing legal battles.



Citing sources “familiar with the negotiations”, the paper notes that both firms are “trimming the number of disputed issues”, stating that both Apple and Samsung are attempting to become “more practical” about finding a solution. 

Another source claims Apple would like to keep Samsung as one of its main parts suppliers, especially for wearable devices:

“The recent release of the Samsung OLED tablet is an indication that Samsung can manage OLED displays to be used in almost all wearable devices, a segment that Apple is greatly interested in.”

The past two years has seen Apple and Samsung involved in two major trials involving patent infringement. A 2012 trial saw Apple being awarded more than $1 billion in damages, however a damages retrial in November saw that amount reduced to $290 million.

A second trial, which ended just last month, found both companies guilty of patent infringement, with Samsung ordered to pay out $119.6 million in damages, while Apple was required to pay out $158,400. Samsung has already filed an appeal over the second verdict.

Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung Electronics CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon both reportedly attended a mediation meeting aimed at ending the legal spats between the two companies. Unfortunately, no agreement was reached at the session. 


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