How to Control Push Notifications in Safari

How to Control Push Notifications in Safari

As you may already know, MacTrast recently started providing push notifications to Safari users who visit our site. When OS X Mavericks Safari users visit MacTrast, they’ll be given the option to allow us to send them push notifications to let them know when we’ve posted aomething that might be of interest to them. It’s a quick efficient way to stay up on Apple-related news.

Today, we just want to share a few “how-to” tips to let you know how to manage push notifications from various sites, and how to stop the notifications from arriving if you decide later that you don’t want to receive them.


Allowing Push Notifications

To allow push notifications form a site, all it takes is the click of a button. When you use the Safari browser to visit a site that is equipped to send push notifications, you’ll see a notification as seen above, asking you if it’s OK to send you notifications in Notification Center. Click “Allow” to begin receiving them, click “Don’t Allow” to not receive them.

You’ll only see the above notification if you’re visiting the website using the Safari browser. Currently Safari is the only browser that can handle the management of push notifications.

Turning Off Push Notifications

If you decide you no longer want to receive push notifications from a website that you’ve previously OK’d, just open Safari, and click the “Preferences…” option in the Safari menu. Then click the “Notifications” tab in the Preferences window.


The websites you’ve allowed to send you notifications will be listed, as seen above. Here, you can click a radio button listed next to each website’s name and either Allow or Deny notifications from that site. Or, you can remove the website from the list completely, by clicking the site’s name, and clicking the “Remove” button. (You can also remove every website in the list by clicking the “Remove All” button, but that’s just a little drastic, don’t you think?)

If you don’t want to be bothered by websites asking for permission to send you push notifications, you can un-check the box at the bottom of the window.

You can also control your Safari push notifications just like the rest of your notifications by clicking the “Notifications Preferences…” button. This will take you to the Notifications controls, as seen below, where you can customize when and how your Safari push notifications will notify you.


One Last Tip

Even if you use another browser in place of Safari, you can still visit each site you want to receive notifications for in Safari, and then when you receive the notification on your Mac’s desktop, you can manually visit the site using your favorite browser. So, you can keep up on news alerts, and still use your favorite browser.