Snipe – Conductive Foam Darts Turn Your iPad Into a Shooting Gallery

Snipe – Conductive Foam Darts Turn Your iPad Into a Shooting Gallery

Sure, first-person shooter games are cool, very immersive. But there is nothing like actually shooting a projectile at something. Introducing Snipe – The Kickstarter-backed game for your iPad that interacts with special foam darts.



The foam darts, which are compatible with existing Nerf and X-SHOT toy guns, are made from a special conductive material that can be detected by a tablet or other touchscreen when they make contact—just like your finger. And so that a tiny tablet display doesn’t get quickly filled with darts, the suction cup tip on the Snipe darts feature tiny air holes that ensure they only stick for about two seconds before falling off.

Snipe’s creators will offer a line of accompanying apps and games for iOS, Android, and Windows based mobile devices, so everyone can play! While it sounds like the apps are ready to go, the Snipe folks need to have a successful Kickstarter project to put the Snipe darts into mass production.


A pledge of $25 will get you a blaster, ten Snipe darts, and free access to all the compatible apps. Pledge levels go all the way up to $2,500, which will get you an entire Snipe arcade system, suitable for pub use, complete with a giant touchscreen LCD display. If you really dig Snipe, and donate $10,000…. Well, visit the Snipe Kickstarter site and see for yourself, lets just say that level offers the immersive experience of a lifetime!

Check out the Snipe Kickstarter offering today. And if you pledge and get the shooter and darts, be careful OK? And stop shooting your little brother with them! Hey! Not in the face dude! Careful, there’s a beverage here!