New Survey Finds A $350 iWatch Would Interest 14% of Current Watch Wearing Public

New Survey Finds A $350 iWatch Would Interest 14% of Current Watch Wearing Public

Investment firm Piper Jaffray has published the results of their recent fashion-focused survey, and while the poll was mostly about fashion and jewelry, it did touch on Apple’s much-rumored “iWatch.” The poll found that 14% of consumers would buy an iWatch that was priced at $350. Interest in such a device varied greatly based on price.



The first-ever “Piper Jaffray Watch & Wearables survey” polled nearly 100 individuals with an average age of 32 years old and household income of $130,000. The survey skewed mostly female, at 61 percent, while almost all respondents were from North America.

Among the 86% of respondents who said they wouldn’t buy an iWatch, Piper Jaffray found they would be more interested in the wearable device at a price below $200. It seems as if Apple wouldn’t be able to sell an iWatch to many folks, no matter the price, as 41% said they wouldn’t be interested in the device no matter what price tag it carried.

The $350 sweet spot agrees with previous Piper Jaffray surveys, as an October survey of general consumers showed a 12% interest level at that price, while an April poll of teens found that 17% of respondents said they’d go for a $350 iWatch.

Other results of the survey showed 18% of respondents owning a fitness tracking band, Fitbit was the popular brand there, and another 13% saying they planned to purchase a fitness tracking band in the next year. Of those polled, only 32% said they would wear a watch and a fitness tracking band at the same time.