Review: Lightning Rabbit Fabric Wound Charging/Sync Cables

Review: Lightning Rabbit Fabric Wound Charging/Sync Cables

While most of us use the cables that come with our iOS devices, we will eventually need to replace them because of loss, frayed connections, or from a teething pet chewing through the cable. Do we simply head to the Apple Store and buy another official Lightning cable, or do we go for something different?



I had the opportunity to try out some of Lightning Rabbit’s Fabric Wound charging/sync cables. The company was kind enough to send me 3 of their $20 cables, a Lightning cable, a 30-pin “old-skool” cable, and a micro-USB cable. Most of this review will concentrate on the Lightning cable, as most of my devices use the Lightning connector.

The construction of the Lighting Rabbit cables are a beautiful thing. These may be the most attractive cables I’ve ever seen. All of the cables boast aluminum ends and a nylon fabric wrap which is available in multiple colors. (Classy Silver, Blazing Orange, Radiant Orchid.) The cables are 5 feet long, which is about a foot and a half longer than the Official Apple Lightning cable.

I found the cables to be very well made, and I loved the extra length and thicker connector ends. The aluminum connectors are quite sturdy, and while being thicker than Apple’s standard connectors, I was still able to use them with the various cases I use on my iPhone 5s and iPad Air. (However, my wife uses a heavy duty waterproof case on her iPhone 5, and she was unable to use the Lightning Rabbit Lightning cable with that case. So, your mileage may vary.)



If you’re looking for a new cable for your device, you would do well to check out Lightning Rabbit’s lineup of well-made cables. While the cables aren’t cheap, ($20, plus shipping), they are well made. I’ve tried cheaper cables, and I always went back to Apple’s official models. I’ve used the Lightning Rabbit cables for about a month, and I am perfectly happy with them, and will continue to use them. The one dollar premium for the Lightning Rabbit’s over the $19 Apple cables is more than worth it, especially when you see and feel the construction, and utilize the extra length of the Rabbits.

I highly recommend Lightning Rabbit’s lineup of cables, no matter what device you own.

Rating: 4.5/5.0 [rating:4.5]

Price: $20 (Plus $3 Shipping) – Available at the Lightning Rabbit website. [DIRECT LINK]

What I liked:

  • Premium construction
  • Extra length over standard cables of this type.
  • The fabric covering the cables doesn’t kink up, and easily untangles.
  • No error messages like you receive with some of the cheaper brand cables.