The EXO18 – Is This The Most Beautiful Case Every Made For The iPhone 5/5s?

The EXO18 – Is This The Most Beautiful Case Every Made For The iPhone 5/5s?

While browsing for a new case for my iPhone 5s, I stumbled upon this beauty. The EXO18 from EXOvault is designed to be a handsome, yet robust case for your device. The photos look amazing, but at a price of $180, (marked down from $240), the photos are likely to be the closest I’ll ever get to one…

From the EXO18 Product Page:

The EXO18 is handsome robust protection for your iPhone 5/5S with no reception issues. The case covers your iPhone 5/5S with our upgraded G10 laminate core, which is our most durable material to date, and Teak veneer with impact resistant Anodized Aluminum.

I’m not exactly sure what a G10 laminate core is, or why it’s better than other cores, but it certainly does lend itself to the use of beautiful wood veneer on the outside. The whole shebang is held together with four stainless steel screws, and EXOvault is kind enough to include a screw driver and some additional screws for those of us with fumble fingers.

EXOvault also makes other cases in addition to the EXO18, some even come close to the realm of possibility for a poor blog writer… See them here.

This is truly a striking case, it would look so nice sitting in my Kia Soul’s console…


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