Those Hieroglyphics You See on the Back of Your iPhone Could be Going Away

Those Hieroglyphics You See on the Back of Your iPhone Could be Going Away

We’ve all noticed them etched on the back of our iPhones and iPad, the weird looking government-mandated symbols that are almost as familiar as the Apple logo. Those could be falling by the wayside if a recently introduced Senate bill passes. The legislation would allow device manufacturers to digitally stamp devices, instead of with the etched symbols we’ve grown familiar with.


The Verge:

Although it’s unlikely you’d find many people on the street who could decode them, the symbols on gadgets provide information on trade regulations and proper disposal. The E-Label Act, a bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate on Thursday, would give manufacturers more leeway in how they comply with US regulations. 

Not all of those marking are required by the U.S. government, the “CE” mark is required for products sold in Europe. However, U.S. required info – such as the FCC ID numbers required to be displayed on devices built or sold stateside – could be viewed on-screen, instead of on the shell of the device. (And Jony Ive smiles… – Ed.)

The Senators who introduced the bill say it would save money and time for device makers, while still complying with regulations. Those benefits would then be passed on to consumers. (Wait, What? – Ed.) Likely though, it will just save our eyes from severe strain as we try to decipher the arcane symbols on the backs of our gadgets.