Misfit Debuts “Beddit Sleep System” Sleep Monitor

Misfit Debuts “Beddit Sleep System” Sleep Monitor

Misfit, makers of the popular Shine activity monitor, today debuted its latest product, the Misfit Beddit Sleep System. The device uses a built-in sleep sensor that monitors sleep cycles and quality via heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, and sound.



The “paper thin” Beddit sensor is designed to be placed under on a user’s mattress, just under the sheets. It displays collects data on sleep habits, measuring physiological signals and wirelessly transmitting them to a smartphone. The accompanying Misfit app then uses the data to draw insights on sleep habits, which are shared with the user. 

The device’s sleep tracking capabilities are designed to work in conjunction with the Misfit Shine’s own sleep tracking abilities, with the combination offering a “comprehensive solution for 24/5 wellness monitoring.”

If you’d like more information about the Beddit. or would like to purchase it, ($149.99). visit the Misfit website.


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