Popular Music Identification App Shazam Comes to The Mac

Popular Music Identification App Shazam Comes to The Mac

Popular music identification app Shazam has finally made it to the Mac. The app sits quietly in your menu bar, listening for music it can identify. When it recognizes a piece of music, it alerts you with a notification, informing you as to the name of the song and the artist performing it. Clicking the notification takes you to the Shazam website, where more information, such as the lyrics, any music videos, and a handy button to buy the track from iTunes are available.


From the Shazam Mac App Store Page:

Shazam runs quietly behind the scenes, but springs to life when it finds a song you should know about, creating a playlist as it goes. You can now effortlessly find it, share it, and buy it. Now that’s magic.

  1. Operates magically in the background, ready to name that tune at a moment’s notice.
  2. Instant, seamless access to all the music that makes up the world around you.
  3. One-click access to lyrics, music videos or to buy tracks on iTunes.
  4. Discover like never before, share like always.

I used the app a bit this morning, and Shazam on the Mac is just as reliable as it is in its other incarnations, accurately identifying everything I played from my collection. If you listen to music while you work, you may not want to leave Shazam running all the time. It all depends on how much notifications bug you.

Shazam for the Mac is available FREE in the Mac App Store. [DIRECT LINK]