How To Record Slow Motion Video With Your iPhone 5s

How To Record Slow Motion Video With Your iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s brought with it improved video features, not the least of which included slow-motion video capabilities that can record video at 120 fps. Such high-speed capture allows users to create sharp slo-mo videos. In this article, we’ll tell you how to capture slow-motion video and share it with your friends.

Recording Slow Motion Footage

Open the Camera app on your iPhone 5s. Slide your finger across the screen until you reach SLO-MO mode. (The camera’s modes are indicated near the bottom down by the shutter button.)

Begin recording by aiming your camera at your (ideally moving) subject, and tap the red shutter button. Recording will begin. Once you’ve recorded as much as you want to, just tap the shutter button again. Your slo-mo video will be saved to your iPhone. (We’d suggest taking at least a minute or so of video if possible.)

Viewing Your Slow Motion Footage on Your iPhone

Open your Photos app on your iPhone 5s. The slow motion videos that you’ve recorded are indicated by the small circle in the bottom left of the video’s thumbnail.

Tap on any of the slow motion video thumbnails and the video will begin playback. You’ll see a timeline at the top of your screen. The blue bar beneath it allows you to set when the slow-motion part of your video begins and ends. So, if you’re recording a golfer teeing off, you’ll probably want to set the slo-mo part of the video to start just as he starts his backswing, and set it to end sometime after his followthrough.

To change the timing, simply move the black bars closer or farther apart. The video inside the black bars where the blue lines are spaced farther apart is the slow motion part of your video. The blue bars that are closer together denote the normal speed part of your video.

Sharing Your Slo-Mo Video With Others

There are a few limitations when sharing your video with others. You have to be careful how you do it in order to retain the slow motion portion of your video.

Tap the share button at the bottom left of your screen, this will bring up the share menu. You can share via: AirDrop, Mail, YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

You can also import your slow motion video into iMovie, it will recognize the 120 fps recording, and can slow it down using its built-in slow motion capabilities.

You can also capture still photos while you’re recording your slow-motion footage by tapping the white button found next to the red shutter button. Any still shots you take this way will save to your Photo album without interrupting your video footage.

Capturing slow motion video with your iPhone 5s is fun and easy. It gives you a whole new perspective on the world around you. Don’t be reluctant to take slo-mo video shots of anything that’s moving, you might just be pleasantly surprised by the results!