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Russia Asks Apple to Share Its iOS and Mac Source Code

Russia Asks Apple to Share Its iOS and Mac Source Code

Russia has asked Apple to give the Russian government access to the company’s source code to ensure that its iOS devices and Mac computers aren’t being used for spying. Reuters reports that the request came earlier this month when a Apple executive met with Russian Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov and others.


Reuters, via 9to5Mac:

The suggestion that two of the world’s flagship technology companies disclose some of their most sensitive business secrets comes as the United States and Europe debate their most severe sanctions yet against Russia for its role in Ukraine.

The report notes that Russian government officials claim they have had a long-term relationship with Microsoft, where the Redmond firm provides its source code to a third-party, who then provides it to the country’s communications ministry.

A similar request has reportedly been sent to software maker SAP.

No report as yet to either company’s response to the Russian request.


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